1. (Fonte: pornodioblog)


    Boyfriend is going to get a kick out of me taking boob selfies whilst he’s snoring away.

    Good morning David!


    Eva Alegra

    (Fonte: vipergirls.to)


    more from today, reblog for more, you know how I roll….


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  2. madeofbraille:

    What a body!

  3. changingroomselfshots:

    just checking on if these shorts look better while boobs are shown

  4. shooting-myself:

    Single for the first time in a long time, time to celebrate with full frontal nudity!


    Follow me for more photo sets added daily at selfshothaven1718.tumblr.com

    Disclaimer: This is not my property,I own no copyright to these images nor am I a photographer.

  5. shooting-myself:

    short and thick, that’s me!


    Jess Roberts. Huge eyes & 32g s to matach.

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